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As a research and consultancy agency, Indiville’s focus is primarily on providing a better understanding of a constantly changing society. We make these insights available to organisations, governments and
companies, facilitating them in succesfully adapting to this permanent evolution.

In order to make a difference, together with our customers we specialize in 3 domains:

  1. Analytical thinking: translate knowledge into insights based on powerful research models, in order better to understand a permanently evolving society.
  2. Dynamic thinking: Together with the customer, use these insights to achieve a shared understanding and develop new and innovative solutions and ideas (e.g. using participatory techniques).
  3. Design thinking: turn the acquired knowledge, insights and ideas into concrete actions.

This makes Indiville so much more than a mere supplier of quick and cheap data or conclusions. Indiville’s experienced consultants are active partners in the research process: together with our customers, we want to achieve excellent results, based on innovative research and a creative approach.

Company information

Vaartstraat 73
3000 Leuven, België
Jo Steyaert - Founder
Colin sanders - Founder
Anne Borgers - Founder
Wouter Samyn - Founder
Jurgen Minnebo - Founder
Fulltime: 5
PartTime: 1
Febelmar, Esomar

Scopeof business

Indiville relies on a solid, interdisciplinary team and maintains partnerships with highly specialised partners. The Indiville team includes experienced research methodologists and experts in communication sciences, sociology, business science, psychology, political science and economics – pioneers in e-Belgium.
We can rely on Indiville experts to perform the role of project advisor or counsellor during processes of change, or to independently conduct needs surveys, satisfaction surveys, and audit screening.

Indiville is a network organization and in addition to our in-house experts, we also rely on specialists in the field in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. Indiville surrounds itself with a network of specialists who provide general feedback and guidance and who are hired for specific projects.

Our link to the universities in Belgium gives us the opportunity to involve many academics from several other universities. This network is also expanded by many private experts. We regularly work with several professors from the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), University Hasselt (UHasselt), the Free University of Brussels (VUB), Ghent University (RUG) and the University of Antwerp (UA), and with companies such as Levuur, iNOSTIX, IS Practice and many others.

Indiville conducts both qualitative and quantitative research. In function of the core research topic and the target groups to be addressed, Indigov will recommend the most suited research methodology. Our experience guarantees:
  1. Scientific research: Indiville formulates a clear research request and defines the research method that is best suited for retrieving the relevant details. These details will then be analysed in a scientifically correct manner.
  2. Project guidance: experts in their field will manage your research project, from questionnaires to recommendations and reporting.
  3. Practical advice: you will not receive confusing, theoretical reports. Quite the contrary, in fact. Our research results are translated into advice that can be directly implemented, and into exact answers to your specific questions.


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